Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3)

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Thirty-four years after surviving his one-game job audition, Mike Collins still considers himself much too lucky to take for granted any day, or even a single moment, when he punches his time card at Notre Dame Stadium for another season of Irish football. As the veteran game-day voice of this proud program, Collins handles each season, each game and each individual play like there is no other. But when it comes to work, nobody takes more seriously their preparation and game-day responsibilities than Collins. Almost 40 years of television work as a reporter, news anchor and news director before his retirement in taught Collins the importance of accuracy and immediacy.

The journey for Collins to games started in the season opener with a prime time matchup against Michigan — the first ever night game at Notre Dame Stadium. Ironically, game No. Poor lighting and no credential were just a couple minor snags during a life-changing night Collins never saw coming just three days earlier.

Enjoying his television work and a job as the public address announcer for Irish hockey, Collins was minding his own business when he got an unexpected call from long-time Notre Dame sports information director Roger Valdiserri. Renown Irish football PA announcer Frank Crosiar decided to retire, leaving Valdiserri in a tight spot to at least cover the football season opener.

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He turned to Collins. I owe everything to Roger.

'His ceiling as a player is something that I don't think we've even seen yet'

Separate plates or in text? Other illustrators the pictures call to mind? Choose your search words carefully: Unusual words really help: wallaby works better than bear as a search word. See also our Links for Collectors in the Collector's Corner. Guidelines: This forum is monitored by the owner of this site, Old Children's Books. Only a few book sleuths are whitelisted on this forum. All other p ending posts are reviewed individually and approved at least daily.

No sales offers, please. Many, many thanks to all the wonderful readers who help to ID these books! We also appreciate those who take the time to thank the contributors for researching their books. Thank you for writing back. I'm very familiar with the book, but I wouldn't have guessed it because what sticks in my mind is the great black dog who led them to the old gentleman's house. Everyone seems to remember books differently! It was also published in hardback. I am really quite fuzzy on the details but I am looking for a book I read when I was about 9.

It was a horror book and I am thinking the girls name was penny graves? She dies and a girl moves b them thAt looks just like her but she is evil and she gets hit by a truck after leaving a funeral or something and at the end she is reborn when this lady has a baby.

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Who Are the Celebs?

The book was black and had a coffin on the front with a hand sticking out of it wearing a pink nightgown. Probably from Please help! I don't know the name of the book, but by the cover description it sounds very much like the Point Horror series, so might be worth searching for cover images of them to see if any ring a bell! I recently remembered two books that I had as a child, 'The Giant's Toys' and 'the blue banana'. They are listed on Amazon but are unavailable, as they were published in , by Hamlyn Robin. I would love to get copies of these, or in fact any of the 10 books from that particular series, have been looking all over the net!

Look on abebooks. They currently don't have the series, just different Puffin joke books and a translated one. However, you can leave a Want and abebooks will notify you when the book is listed. I'd like to find the name of a pop-up book, I believe published in the 's, about a boy who wants to make snow. I believe my parents bought the book through Scholastic. All I remember is that an orphan boy ran away from a maltreating relative , found an abandoned house that was still furnished on the inside.

Found a stray dog that became his best friend. At one point, he had a splash in a water barrel outside and in it, he found a baby someone was trying to get rid off. He started to cater for his little family, stealing bread for himself and the dog and milk for the baby. He was found-out at the house and all three were separated.

Letters from a Desperate Dog

He was given a job in a circus that had a panther, he ran away and when he was worn out and about to give-up, he was discovered on the outside steps a nice old lady that clothed him and made him her errand boy. I remember taking this book out of the library when I was a kid, it was was a collection of bizarre poems with equally bizarre pictures. There was a poem called, "The Whimpley-Whim", with a picture of this weepy-looking catlike creature "The woeful Whimpley-Whim has never been known to woo. If you looked like him, would you? I'm disgustard. Any information would be much appreciated.

Hi Kathy and Everyone, Kathy has a delightful blog Keeper of the Fun A fun blog about collecting and appreciating classic toys, cartoons, video games, movies and more. About 10 spams make it through my Mollom program every day. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the writer just isn't very bright or if it's spam, so I have to check the links, and I'm usually sorry.

I monitor every comment. If you maintain a relevant blog or know of a good reference no sales please please put it in the body of your text so I can check it out with confidence!

That's the one! Honestly, the author was someone I should have been familiar with, but I just couldn't think of the name. Thank you so much! I remember reading this book as a kid, it was about this conceited bear on the first page of the book, he's admiring himself in a mirror who lives in a house with his two friends, a fox, and I believe a squirrel though he may have been a mouse.

While I don't remember the circumstances exactly, I think that the fox and squirrel become too irritated with the bear and leave the house, but they soon miss their home, and, in turn, the bear re-examines his behaviour. Needless to say, there's a happy reunion at the end. Any information would be much appreciated! What i can tell you is that it was a children's book that had poems and i guess some of the traditional nursery rhymes like "rain rain go away".

I was born in and i remember reading it before 2nd grade. Please help me find the book!! I remember it being comforting when i read it. Not sure, but perhaps it's the orchard book of nursery rhymes, by faith jaques? I had a similar version when I was a kid, and it sounds very much like it. This book was late 70s or early 80s. It was about a boy who's father would go to the shed every night and be working on a project. I remember the boy would see lights on but could never find out what his father was doing.

Then, on the boys birthday his father unveiled the surprise - he has built him a train and some carriages. He would then give his friends rides. I remeber this book fondly and would really like to find a copy for my son for when he is old enough to enjoy the story as much as I did! Looking for a book about a child looking forward to a town parade. The child develops some illness that requires quarantine at home.

Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3) Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3)
Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3) Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3)
Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3) Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3)
Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3) Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3)
Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3) Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3)
Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3) Baseball Dreams (Book Three - Childhood Dreams Series 3)

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