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The British writer's books are darkly humorous, wildly imaginative, observant takes on people and their foibles. And who can resist the gift of a golden ticket? The result?

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An honest take on the trials and tribulations of middle childhood. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Courtesy of Publishers. Atheneum Books. Little, Brown Books. Puffin Books. Room on the Broom. If I Had a Raptor. Alfred A. The Book Thief. Random House. The Cat in the Hat. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. MTV Books. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Looking for Alaska. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Chronicle Books. Leo: A Ghost Story.

I loved reading it aloud to my kids. Recommended by Rose H. This book has been amazing for my son who has anxiety. There are so many exercises in this book and each one is easy for my son to follow. Even my 2-year-old sits down to try the techniques with us. They love pretending and playing and this book turns mindfulness into imaginative play.

Quis somnium ipsos somniators? When a voice comes to him in his dreams, he finds himself in the middle of a complicated web of forgers, dreamers, hunters, and killers. Dionysos is the god of wine, fertility, and religious fervor, among other things, and at the start of the play has inspired a mad cult following, the Bakkhai — which has ensnared almost everyone in the ancient town of Thebes. Everyone, that is, except for King Pentheus, who is determined to undermine the cult, and in doing so draws Or, at least for me.

Recommended by Doug C. The origin story of one of my favorite people, which taught me these fundamental lessons: I'm special just the way I am; all my feelings are OK and it's good to express them; and, when tough stuff happens, look for the helpers. This book is welcoming, delightful, and meaningful just like Mr. Rogers himself. Recommended by Christine R.

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Our favorite young witches are back for the third installment of the Witch Boy series. Aster wants to compete for the Midwinter Witch title and crown , while Ariel is being visited in her dreams by an unknown witch. Great art and interesting characters make this graphic novel a true gem. Recommended by Jennifer H.

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Stage Dreams is a fun and satisfying all-ages graphic novel set in the old West, featuring LGBTQ characters, a lot of humor and love, and a bit of adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would love to read more from the creator, Melanie Gillman.

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I got the chills reading this book. It is so beautiful. As a person of color, there were times when I was told I was ugly because of the color of my skin. It happened a lot when I was a little girl.

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  6. This book teaches us to love and accept ourselves. It reminds us that beauty also comes from within. I really wish I had this book as a kid. I'm so glad it exists today for my children. Asiya chooses a beautiful ocean blue hijab to wear for the first day at school and her sister, Faizah, is so excited for her!

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    Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim American woman to earn a medal in the Olympic Games, brings this wonderful story to life. Recommended by Kim T. Local illustrator Lena Podesta teams up with Melissa Marr in this sweet story about a young girl and a baby dragon. The dragon swoops and soars through the kingdom, and the girl does her best to keep up. After a day of flying through castles and across rivers, they both settle down for a giant feast with the rest of the kingdom. Perfect for young children with a sense of adventure! Little Blue and his friends take shelter from the storm, in the barn where it's nice and warm.

    When the storm has finally passed, it's time to go to bed at last. Both of my kids had so much fun saying good night to everyone. So cute, with lots of fun rhymes. It's a great story for bedtime. Full of hilarious twists on classic fantasy tropes and a cast of delightfully roguish characters, this book is tons of villainous fun! As the only daughter of the Dark Lord Elithor, Clementine Morcerous is training to one day take his place. For now, Clementine practices her dark magic, takes care of the chickens normal and fire-breathing , and feeds poison apples to the Nightmares in the castle stables.

    But when her father is cursed by a witch, Izzy and her best friend Eric are super excited to play the new version of Dungeon City! Can she save her friendship in the real world and defeat the boss battle in the video game world? A fun graphic novel for ages 8 and up. A truly spooky and heartfelt story about old secrets, new friendships, and a class field trip gone awry. Not to mention the haunted scarecrows!

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    Recommended by Leanna M. This book is like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, but with a superhero twist. Plot twist: He's green, has weeds for hair, and a frog living in his arm.

    Best Childrens Animal Picture Book #5 (1)
    Best Childrens Animal Picture Book #5 (1)
    Best Childrens Animal Picture Book #5 (1)
    Best Childrens Animal Picture Book #5 (1)
    Best Childrens Animal Picture Book #5 (1)

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