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The first, "In The Chapel In The Moonlight", is typical Billy Hill: A fragrantly nostalgic parlor song that sounded dated at the time, and perhaps for that very reason has never dated at all. At any rate, when acts as various as the Four Aces, Kitty Kallen, Dean Martin and the heavy metal band Celtic Frost have been in the market for something with the faintly over-ripe whiff of yesteryear, "In The Chapel In The Moonlight" has done the trick just fine.

But "The Glory Of Love" is in another category entirely.

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He wrote words and music, and it's the best tune he ever composed. Indeed, it's a perfect bar pop song. Lyrically, its main theme follows the simplest structure:. Apparently, the story and the glory of love is a little of this, and a little of that: A little give, a little take, a little heartbreak, a little laughing, a little crying, a little winning, a little losing. That's it.

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And Hill sets his four-note descending "little" phrase - "give a little", "take a little", "break a little" - a step up each time. It's about the simplest song you could devise and yet it works brilliantly:. And then for the middle eight he comes up with a wonderful contrast with the main theme yet one which fits it perfectly:. As long as there's the two of us We've got the world and all its charms And when the world is through with us We've got each other's arms As Ira Gershwin would have pointed out, strictly speaking "two of us" should be paired with "through of us".

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  • In fact, I'd say "The Glory Of Love" is a slightly lesser example of the same phenomenon as "The Very Thought Of You": A first-rank standard - an uber-standard in the case of "Thought", but getting there in the case of "Glory" - that's head and shoulders above anything else its author ever wrote. It's easier to sing it than to live it. Billy and Dedette had had the blues a lot, and lost a lot, but they were now winning.

    They were also drinking, heavily. You've got to give a little, take a little, but they'd given so much through a long rough decade and a half. In , Billy and Dedette separated. I'm always trying to persuade Jessica Martin whose dad came from Singapore to record the song. It's best known through the Manhattan Transfer's hit single of , but back in , Hill and DeRose placed it with the Harry James band and their up-and-coming vocalist Frank Sinatra. But Billy Hill was there, too. The master of ceremonies was his old friend Gene Buck, who introduced Hill as "a big tall lumbering shy guy who will coo for you a song which I personally consider the greatest western cowboy folk tune ever written".

    Hill walked out and sang in simple fashion "The Last Round-Up". Exactly three months later, on Christmas Eve , a horribly sick Billy Hill died in a Boston hotel room. He was He never knew the song would survive and prosper in musical genres that barely existed in Almost everything else in his catalogue - the pine trees, the pine coffins, the moonlight in the pines - can only be treated in western style, but "The Glory Of Love" is the archetypal standard, a universal sentiment you can express in ballad style, rock'n'roll, bossa nova, ska and heavy metal.

    Billy Hill wrote it, and in his own way he lived it. Symphony violinist, cowpuncher, dishwasher, hotel doorman, hit songwriter, he laughed a little, cried a little, and then the clouds rolled by. That's the story of the guy who wrote "The Glory Of Love". If you're a member of The Mark Steyn Club , feel free to weigh in on Carol's performance or Mark's backstory in our comments section below.

    Glory of Love

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    Dan singing the chorus to Glory of Love by Peter Cetera : WhichGGEpisode

    If you are not yet a member, please click here to join. If you are already a member, please log in here:. I have been wanting to comment on this Song of the Week and I finally have the chance to sit down and do it. It is a duet that Lyle Lovett sings with Francine Reid. I was also wondering if Mr. Steyn had any thoughts on Lyle Lovett. I have always enjoyed Lyle Lovett and seeing him in concert with his Large Band is a great time. You know Mark, you hear something as wonderful as this and you sort of recall Broadway in the heyday and imagine you're back in Manhattan when it amounted to something.

    You practically expect Frank to walk out clapping and shake the hand of the lady at the piano. What a beautiful performance. Please, don't stop. More of this, please. You can't expect a lot of comments in this category Don't let that deter the mission.

    In looking at the title, I thought it was going to be that Peter Cetera song from the Karate Kid movie. Glad it wasn't. It was more about me and what I was going through at that time. I met a girl and had a semi-fling with her. It inspired me in this period of deep loneliness and existential angst and unrest. A lot of what …Is A Real Boy is about is the pressure of society and how it can drag you down and make you hate yourself and do things you regret.

    So, I went to the ultimate depressing [topic], which is the Holocaust, and I placed myself there and thought about my grandparents a little bit, obviously. By the way, nothing really ever came [of the fling].

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    I never really talked to her much again. But at the time, it felt like such a glimmer of hope because I felt so empty.

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    All of my sentimentality poured out into this song, and I just remember writing it and feeling so validated by being able to feel that way, despite how crushing and numbing everything else felt at that time.

    Glory Of Love Glory Of Love
    Glory Of Love Glory Of Love
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    Glory Of Love Glory Of Love
    Glory Of Love Glory Of Love
    Glory Of Love Glory Of Love
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    Glory Of Love Glory Of Love

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