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Respecting the Local Culture

NREL provides credible research and analytics to identify impactful opportunities for energy development on tribal lands. Drawing on NREL's deep scientific and technical knowledge related to energy, and core capability of energy analytics, NREL provides tailored information to tribal leaders and other stakeholders to inform energy decision making.

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To effectively deliver clean energy technologies to market, governments, program administrators, and technology end users, NREL provides technology, market, and stakeholder communications strategy trainings to tribes. Resilience Assessment and Planning. NREL provides renewable energy community assessments to identify climate vulnerabilities and help develop solutions.

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Leveraging extensive experience in disaster planning, response, and recovery, NREL works with tribes to develop community-specific plans and strategies to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience. How are tribes organized?

Native American Tribes

Tribes have the inherent right to operate under their own governmental systems. Many have adopted Constitutions, while others operate under Articles of Association or other bodies of law, and some still have traditional systems of government. The chief executive of a Tribe is generally called tribal chairperson, principal chief, governor, or president.

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A tribal council or legislature often performs the legislative function for a Tribe, although some Tribes require a referendum of the membership to enact laws. Additionally, a significant number of Tribes have created tribal court systems. What is a reservation? Reservations are territories reserved as permanent tribal homelands. Some were created through treaties while others were created by statutes, or executive orders. Tribes How are tribes organized?

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Was this page helpful? Yes No. Thank you for your input. Long before the Wild West. Even before the extinction of saber-toothed cats and the mammoth.

As far back as 12, years ago, indigenous cultures made their home in what, today, we affectionately call Arizona. These early inhabitants settled into villages throughout the diverse regions of Arizona, giving formation to tribes such as the Ancestral Puebloans, Hohokam, Mogollon, and Patayan people. Today, 22 sovereign American Indian communities reside in Arizona, lending their unique spiritual, cultural, and economic richness to the state.

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Throughout Arizona, you can step into the past and experience up-close the artifacts and fascinating structures built and used by these tribes at a number of American Indian-operated museums and cultural centers. For anyone visiting Arizona, the unique American Indian heritage and culture here is a must-see for getting a firsthand understanding of our state's special and important history. The opportunities to visit tribal lands and experience their cultures differ among the different American Indian communities.

Local Tribes Local Tribes
Local Tribes Local Tribes
Local Tribes Local Tribes
Local Tribes Local Tribes
Local Tribes Local Tribes
Local Tribes Local Tribes
Local Tribes Local Tribes
Local Tribes Local Tribes

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