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It was July hot 'cross Georgia on my way to Myrtle Beach I just got my diploma so I set out in search of me The honeymoon was over, and Alabama was far away From being little more than just a southern state. I got a gig down at the Bowery I played for tip and watered drinks Just a novice in a business That's seldom what it seems. And where are you goin' Tar Top Where's J.

Radcliffe Bailey’s “Tar Top” (1995)

Gentry And B. I was July hot and thirty, some years down the line When the Boys touched the nation, unaware at the time I got to go to Texas, California, New York too A farm boy who is thankful to be standin' in his shoes. Fehlerhaften Songtext melden. Songtext kommentieren.

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E-Mail Adresse. This business has been running for 57 years and Russell has been involved since he was a kid.

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Parts are getting hard for these batteries but he told me he will always look at a battery to repair. Rarely has them for sale outright and is always looking for old cases not much use to anyone else. Scrappies have taken most out of the system just like cars.

Alabama - Tar Top

Concorus correct batteries are now pretty much a thing of the past in Australia and I feel that the powers that be when it comes to judging these cars have to start acknowledging such reality. But I guess rules is rules A battery is a large item in an engine bay which is very noticeable.

Cheers Nick.

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I know of people fitting them to HQs but they were definately a thing of the past by the time HQ was released. I would guess at mid 60s Hi All Thanks to those who helped with info. I think its important to keep info like this out there. Looks like we now have a couple of sources for these battery repairs in several cities So far none in Brisbane.

Missing lyrics by Alabama?

For your info. Russell did not quote me a price to bring my battery back to life but the general budget was reasonable. I will ask Russell what he can remember about whether he saw tar tops in HQs from new. He would probably know.

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He even added extra plates Carpe Diem. Cheers Nick for sure nick. Hi All. Regarding Pope batteries.

hadrad.com/wofoz-software-to.php The date stamp on mine is March and was rebuilt by Pope according to the previous owner. Outstanding lifespan considering it is still working. This is not the oldest battery Russell Pope has seen by a long shot. He told me he re did one which was something like 40 years old. They don't make 'em like they used to'. Heres mine How much are the complete battery worth 2nd hand? What about the case? Several years ago, I saw on ebay that empty cases go for big dollars on ebay.

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