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There is no love within the logic driven words.

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It is translated in such a way as to contradict too many things. I understand most of it, but it seems written with a bitter spirit. I will glean what i can from it and take what lines up with Scripture. Use discernment and the Full Armor when reading and gleaning. The Nicean Councisl dicated the doctrine of the early church. Knowing what we know about people in position of power today, do manipulation and control seem like pervasive themes?

These ar my beliefs the Gospel of John For God so love the world that He gave His only begaton Son that who so ever believed in Him should not parish but have ever lasting life. Ha, ha, ha, what a bunch of garbage this is. A five year old should be able to see how pathetically phony this is. What I have learned is people want to put their bias marks on things or in must cases mis-lead others.

Always be honest, it goes along way in righteousness. No disrespect; this is my opinion only!.

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In reading all these texts, they are a compilation of what already exists within context in the Bible. Any missing neuences in translation can be accessed in a lexicon that I have. The problem with most Christian persuasions, the followers do not wish to make a complete and utter surrender to the Holy Spirit which is the seal of our salvation.

Through the Holy Spirit we are told that we can renew our mind. With this renewed mind Christ said that the kingdom ofGod lives within us. The book of Thomas makes no new revelations but for a deep Biblical scholar all these alternate meanings are considered and weighed up against alternate understanding. I agree most Christians do not really understand the reality of the Kingdom of God within them. However, this does not presuppose that this power originates within us but this power is from God Himself through surrender to the Holy Spirit.

It would be nice if there were references included telling where these words of Jesus are located in the Bible.

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All these words and saying are found in the Bible as well, but they are shattered or implemented in several examples and stories. Open your eyes and read the bible closely and you will find them. Thanks for this contribution to revealing the truth. The first comment is ridiculous and is written by one of those fanaticis who is blind to the truth, those who maintain that every letter in the KJV is absolut true sorry to say, they live in darkness.

Jesus said also things as that we should see with our inner eye and similarly, that we shall listen with our inner ear. And likewise that, when we make the internal the same as the external, we will enter the kingdom. He was not talking about a relative future, but about here and now, meaning that the kingdom is available to us when we choose the only one right master, which is the higher Self, in contradiction to the constructed mind, a confined consciousness.

Jung said: as long as we live in a lower form of consciousness, we will continue to project our mind on the world, which means that we will live in a fragmented world, the opposite to a united world. Jesus was sometimes frustrated about the fact that people come into this world and seems to leave it without any progression. I met some people during my life who, in spite of their age about 90 years old said that they never had thought about God; they were totally absorbed by the external world and all the events going on.

This seems also to be the reason to why the gospel of Thomas was found in Nag Hammadi, after been hidden in the sand for about years. Would we accept this in our so called free society of today, if we of some reason discovered what they had done? So, why should we trust King James decision to make the choices of what was relevant or not. We still have so much to learn from what is still not revealed and hidden to us because Jesus had to speak in parables.

The Hidden Gospel : Decoding the Spiritual Message of the Aramaic Jesus

For the first time in history we could enjoy the truth in the totality of the scriptures and eventually become enlightened, if we make the choice to serve the only one, and true master, which is not the ego or psychological identification with our mind our past and future; in opposition to the now.

I already understand a lot of what the gospel of Thomas is saying, but I please, continue to deliver explanations to how to understand the hidden meanings! What is wrong with you you are not teaching GODs word with your translation you are in sin you are changing the word of the Lord. KJV is the last true translation of the word.. This is not the Lord word it is yours and your wrong. Not understanding the contradictions. The Gospels make absolutely no sense at all. I have found the Kingdom, the real Kingdom.

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It is already here and available. I can say percent that these teaching come from Jesus Himself because I have figured out the answer to 5 of them, and was able to experience the Kingdom. Interesting readings, we should take into consideration that Jesus was in is childhood years during these conversations….

There is no sin.

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We must hate our father and mothers belief systems of slavery and embrace that we r gods. We r the kingdom of heaven. Have ears to hear or remain the same. The well is deeper than we believe. I do not believe Thomas wrote this.

I believe was someone that was a Christian because some of the lines sound just like little snippets from the canonized Bible. Jesus Christ does live inside of us and around us because of his Holy Spirit that dwells within the believer. A nonbeliever does not have this. I do think that we need to investigate and read other literature that is connecting to Christianity in general. It is very reckless to just read some writing and believe right away it comes from a spiritual source that comes from God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit.

I believe only the book of Enoch is the closest known Gnostic writings that I believe could be canonized. Finally, if you read the canonized Bible it tells you what Christ was all about every entire point of the canonized Bible was for people to trust that Jesus Christ is there personal Lord and Savior and that if they is ways, they will be filled with the Holy Spirit that will guide you through a world of sin and distraction. The kingdom of God is not on earth. Never was and never will be until Jesus comes back on the day of judgment.

So is there a degree of mystical or mysterious teachings within the canonized Bible. My answer would be, yes, there are many mysteries within the belief in Jesus Christ and again he does live inside of you and you will do the work of the kingdom of God by if you look around you can tell this is not what God intended us to live in. But I do believe God is inside us and all around us when we accept him as our personal Lord and Savior. Do not judge or speak harsh words. Lisa and Dina, woe is the person that judges their brothers and sisters for things they do not understand!!!

Therefore, it is Not part of the True and living bible. And just so you know Dena, you are in for a Huge surprise when you pass from this world into the next. It is absolutely literal. After you die you will see how literal it is, but then it will be too late.

That when we are able to drop out natural selves. Those who focus on the afterlife should instead focus on their test here, or they will find the jar empty, and that they missed the whole point. An enlightened person understands what the sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas mean. An enlightened person is a spiritually alive or awakened person and as such, has direct, personal experience of this wisdom, just as Jesus did. The reason this gospel was rejected was because those who decided which gospels were to be included in the bible did not understand these statements which Jesus reserved for his inner circle.

In other words, you are unable to accept what if not familiar. It is significant that Thomas simply quoted Jesus, leaving the story-telling for the other gospel writers. The following link will take you to a place beyond understanding. Whether Thomas is more or less authentic than the Bible we surely cannot know, since no videos remain from the first century. Who did what, with what and to whom, we will surely never know and to me it matters not at all.

Perhaps if it seems to matter one is looking in the wrong place. Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare? Does it matter? Either way it is truth. I find Thomas the most charming and insightful Gospel. With wry wit and savage irony, it suggests a wicked sense of humour and intelligence Jesus must have had, in contrast to the sometimes insipid and credulous Jesus of the canon. For this reason, intuitively, I suspect the canon is actually much more corrupted since it had an an agenda, i. Conversely, Thomas, existed in a time capsule, and is timeless unvarnished, unpretentious truth if read rich metaphorically.

It is to the listener that music either sounds moving or not, no music critic can make you like it. Thomas is a book of insightful jokes which ruthlessly reveal truth. They work! Doubting Thomas is all im hearing. If your thinking clearly and truly putting Christ first in your life, you would find these passages helpful to the advancement of your soal into the light.

The Hidden Gospel The Hidden Gospel
The Hidden Gospel The Hidden Gospel
The Hidden Gospel The Hidden Gospel
The Hidden Gospel The Hidden Gospel
The Hidden Gospel The Hidden Gospel
The Hidden Gospel The Hidden Gospel
The Hidden Gospel The Hidden Gospel
The Hidden Gospel The Hidden Gospel

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