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He and his dog were best buds. They passed away within a couple weeks of each other. I miss them both. Laughing here, I also have cats and two dogs.

Oh, the gifts that they give. I also still carry handbags similar to yours — mine come from WalMart, they have handles and a shoulder strap, and I just replace then when they wear out. Good to know that it could be worse. Peeing outside the litterbox is the first sign they are having problems. She was peeing just outside the box. After ruling out other issues, my vet suggested taking the lid off of the litter box not my favorite thing but urine outside the box is much worse and giving her glucosomine supplements.

She now can get back in the box and is peeing where she is supposed to. We all are most appreciative. The one is perky and prone to being an escape artist, the other is very sweet natured, docile, and sleeps alot. KC haha, at least you know their names are truly theirs, if they rolled out that effortlessly. They are total cuties! A thought after you make the vet trip for urine analysis.

One was his struvite crystal issue had returned because he was eating too many illegal foods he conned visitors into feeding him treats then bit them or two…. He was expressing his displeasure at the human. So good luck. I was rushing around late for work — threw my phone, keys and a can of Diet Coke in my purse.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I had just opened said can. I was leaking Diet Coke all the way through the parking lot, building entrance, past my coworkers and into my cubicle. No one said a word. I figured it out when I noticed a puddle around my purse. Purse dried out and was actually okay. Our calico left a gift for my husband in his slipper.

A dead and very ripe mouse. He put his slippers on and the same time I heard a pop he turned green. There are worse things for them to mark besides clothes or purses. Try laying on the floor on your stomach playing with kittens and your very loving tom walks up, turns around and at 6 inches away lets fly. I had a cat that loved to leave its deposits or pee in the dryer.

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Sad to say the cat had to find a new family a farmer with a barn. The poor bank teller must have assumed she was working with an eccentric Grey Gardens scenario! Too funny!! There was a woman who peed in my purse. At the White House. There was food and drink, and live music and even Santa Clause. The Secret Service refused to be distracted by my requests that they help her off my purse by her moaning on the floor and me trying to pry my purse out from underneath her dead weight. FLOTUS was so nice, speaking to each of us who were crammed close together to see her on the other side of the rope.

That purse was history. It was taking place in the dead of winter, in what was then West Germany.

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This is not a luxury vacation—pack one duffel bag full of your warmest socks, long underwear, parka, gloves, sleeping clothes, Dopp Kit etc. He even bought new gloves, uniform sweaters etc, ensuring he would make a good impression on his Army hosts. Apparently, Kitty assisted in the Pack in. DH cLaimed he had no idea just how much assistance Kitty provided, until he opened his duffel his first night at the location, which was somewhere in the very far back of beyond, accessed via military bus, down fitted gravel roads.

Either Kitty was punishing DH for leaving him, or more likely, Kitty smelled all that new, fresh, unmarked unclaimed clothing. There was nothing wearable or suitable even had this been the final night of the exercise, let alone, the first night. Even the toothbrush in the Dopp Kit had to be replaced.

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Nothing escaped Kitty justice. The Phantom Poop-Pee Smell was beyond his capacity to overcome.

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On the bright side, DH definitely made an impression among his peers. That poor man. And his poor bunk mates. Only the cat, was happy after that exercise. Dedicated media release announcing partnership. Tailored Women Strong promotional video for social media platforms.

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The Purse The Purse
The Purse The Purse
The Purse The Purse
The Purse The Purse
The Purse The Purse
The Purse The Purse
The Purse The Purse
The Purse The Purse
The Purse The Purse

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