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Crown of Thunder. Tochi Onyebuchi. Sword and Pen. Share the love and help inspire people to get outdoors. Yes, you will be provided with a brief or shot list to help you understand the requirements, but this is kept to a minimum. Hell yes! It was absolutely magical! Seriously one of the best properties I've ever been too. Definitely got a rad story coming out of this trip.

So chuffed to be asked to be a storyteller for Riparide and see my work featured on their website, up there with such talented photographers. Great weekend, with even better company, Cheers Riparide! Why Join Riparide Media? Follow Your Passion Create content in a space that centres around exploration, travel and the outdoors.

Creative Freedom Enjoy creative freedom on your adventures. Something Bigger Be a part of a movement to get people outdoors. Payment Awesome brands will support your adventures in exchange for content and exposure.

Enjoy Real Adventures Authenticity and enjoyment are at the heart of every adventure. Sometimes we receive a referral from a nurse, a Child Life Specialist, or one of our artist colleagues. That is an entire lifetime for some of these children. Be brave and just do it. We tried a couple of magic tricks, which she liked, but it was still too much. Her mom finally suggested they take a break and let the girl run around outside.

She asked if we could come along. We all went out to one of the Healing Gardens right outside the clinic. There, for the next 20 minutes, we created a rousing story which included running back and forth between a rowboat sculpture, and a giant bird sculpture.

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Two other boys who were waiting joined in and the story unfolded. By the time we brought it to a satisfying conclusion, everyone was laughing and wiggling around. The whole energy had changed. We can go back in ready to get this done. I really appreciate your being here for my daughter today. Often a doctor or nurse will wait for us to finish a story or magic trick before moving into their interaction with the patient.


And sometimes staff checks in to see if we might have a short story or a joke for them, too. We know just our presence can brighten the day for our hospital colleagues.

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Often children in the hospital struggle with nausea, or not being able to eat. Where had he ever heard that old TV ad slogan? But, he did eat the whole thing, thanks to a couple of well-timed tales. Some kids are more active, and able to get out of their beds to direct a story theater production.

One boy, who we have told stories to over the years, always requests the same story, one that he loves.

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He has probably heard that story a couple dozen times, but it has become an island of stability when so much is changing in his life. Laughter ensued. Each time we would come to her hospital room, she would jump out of bed and start offering stage directions on how James, Patti, her younger sister and she were going to act out the story of her choice. James, you be the crocodile. Patti, you are the bad guy.

Summer Storytelling Retreat & Adventure - For Individuals - Workshops - StoryWindow

And I am the Princess. Everybody ready? Patti told her the final story of this series as the girl and her mother walked towards the elevator on her last day of treatment.

The Storytellers Adventures The Storytellers Adventures
The Storytellers Adventures The Storytellers Adventures
The Storytellers Adventures The Storytellers Adventures
The Storytellers Adventures The Storytellers Adventures
The Storytellers Adventures The Storytellers Adventures
The Storytellers Adventures The Storytellers Adventures

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